I radically changed my body. But more importantly I radically changed my thought patterns, my frame of reference and my whole paradigm.

I understand what it takes to get in shape because fitness has never come naturally to me.

I’m not and never will be one of those genetically gifted pretty boys that you see on the covers of fitness magazines.

I’m a regular guy who has had to work harder than most in order to overcome very mediocre genetics and a slew of physical obstructions resulting from my previous lifestyle.

Exhibit B - Dan at 29


I've battled childhood obesity, disc herniations, an eating disorder, and with the help of proficient others, have come out victorious.

I know what it takes to help you get to where you want to be; I understand your struggles.

Commit to MOREtti STRENGTH and together we’ll make the impossible possible.

Let's DO THIS! You & me


Hi, I'm Dan, I’m a coach and a fitness writer. Over the past decade I have helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals whether they were looking to gain muscle, increase their sports performance or err... look hot rocking their birthday suit :)

I absolutely love doing what I do. In part because I’m a huge nerd and love reading about the bio-chemical processes involved in muscular hypertrophy (i.e. getting’ HUGE) but above all because fitness in its many forms has changed my life.

Let me premise my story by saying that once upon a time I was fat. Like, really fat. Not chubby. Fat. As in borderline obese. As in the fat kid that got picked last in gym class. Yea... 

Exhibit A - Dan at 19

Dani fat edit.jpg

Needless to say life seriously sucked for a long time mostly because being unfit was so limiting on so many levels: sure, having man boobs is not particularly esthetically pleasing, but more than that, there were countless experiences that I was forced to forsake on account of my complete and utter lack of physical prowess.

  •        Snowboarding on Lake Tahoe with my friends back in high school...
  •        Rolling down to Mexico with the fellas during Spring Break...
  •        Running a 10 km race around the Angkor Wat temples...

The list of missed opportunities goes on and on and on...

I eventually came to the realization that I was the master of my own destiny and decided to grow a pair and take responsibility for having allowed myself to hit rock bottom.